In a ceremony preceded by the president of “Mexico’s Great Place to Work” Institute, Jorge Ferrari, Xel-Ha Natural Wonder received the 2008 acknowledgement as one of Mexico’s “top 100 firms to work in”, as well as a special distinction for its constancy over the last five years, maintaining a strong bond between its human resources, and consequently, an excellent work environment.

Xel-Ha is the only company in the whole of Quintana Roo to be awarded this acknowledgement successively since 2004, and its continuity has allowed other firms to value human resources as the most important asset of an organisation, as well as prove that this perspective for growth is necessary to give strength to Cancun and the Riviera Maya as a tourist destination.

During his speech, Jorge Ferrari emphasised that the increasing participation of firms improving their work environments has made the competition more difficult by the year, which has made this acknowledgement a significant achievement. In this year’s edition, 348 firms all over the country signed up, while the previous year had seen only 280 applications.

This acknowledgement testifies to Xel-Ha’s continuity to improve on three fundamental aspects: relationships between employees and managers, between the employees and their job or company, as well as between the employees themselves. Xel-Ha is a leading sustainable tourism firm in Mexico, in which natural resources are highly valued, although its key to success lies in having confidence as a common practice in relationships between the company and its collaborators.

To achieve this certification, Xel-Ha Natural Wonder has adapted its operation standards to the Great Place to Work® Institute model, which prioritises bonding in human resources on five important levels: credibility, respect, justice, pride and companionship.

Great Place to Work® Institute works with a specific system that has proved its effectiveness since 1991, periodically surveying the opinions of Xel-Ha collaborators to gauge the amount of confidence they have in the people they work for, how much pride they take in what they do, and if they enjoy working with their companions. This has resulted in an excellent work environment for Xel-Ha, a space where confidence and pride in one’s work is constantly transmitted to our visitors.

During this event, the Mexican Institute of Standards and Certification made its own acknowledgement to Mexico’s Great Place to Work® Institute, for the quality of its work methods that according to careful scrutiny, meet standards that guarantee trustworthy results, and bequeath confidence to the numerous firms that adhere to the model, proved in now over 29 countries.

The acknowledgement was given to David Iturbe Vargas, Xel-Ha’s PR manager, during the ceremony that took place in the Hacienda de los Morales, in Mexico City.