In addition to consulting your travel agent, visit and for customs information.


Cancun The Cancun International Airport operates daily with national and international arrivals and departures.
Cozumel Direct flights from Cancun and other major cities around the world arrive at Cozumel’s International Airport.
Grand Costa Maya This national airport is located in Chetumal, the state capital.


Average temperature: 26°C (79°F). In the summer (April–October) the maximum high is 36°C (97°F). In the winter (November–March) temperatures are as low as 18°C (64°F). Cancun is sunny 253 days each year.


The main tourist areas have all the facilities, such as fax and Internet service, telephone services with pre-paid cards or credit cards and cellular telephone rental. Cell phones Contact your service provider to learn if there are compatible companies in Mexico that can provide cell phone service. There are cell phones for rent per day for local use.
Ask your travel agent for information.
Telephones National and International Calls To make an international call from Mexico, dial the access code (001 for the U.S. and Canada; 00 for the rest of the world) + country code + phone number. Your hotel’s operator can help you. Public phones post instructions for calling collect or dialing with a phone card.

Money Exchange Rate

The peso is the official currency. There are automated teller machines and money exchange offices in the shopping malls within Cancun’s Hotel Zone. Most stores accept American Express, Visa, and Mastercard. With the exception of coins and bills higher in denomination than $50, U.S. currency is usually accepted in Cancun. Banking hours are 9 am to 4 pm.


The standard is 110 volts. Hotels usually offer voltage converters for 220 volt devices. Some sockets do not accept polarized or three-prong plugs. It is recommended that you bring your own adapter.

Time Zone

Six hours earlier than Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Daylight Savings Time begins on the first Sunday in April and ends on the last Sunday in October. Languages

The official language is Spanish. In the tourism industry, English, French, Italian and German are also spoken. Part of the local indigenous population still speaks Mayan. Medicine.

If you travel with medication, it is recommended that you bring your original doctor’s prescription with you.

Passport Visa

To enter the country you need a valid passport. Visitors from some counties require a visa. For more information on Countries that require a Visa for Mexico visit : or


One or two dollars per suitcase carried, and 10–15% of the total bill in restaurants and bars. Tips may already be included.

Medical Services

Hospital Americano. Tel.: +52 (998) 884 6133
AMAT hospital. Tel.: +52 (998) 887 4422
Hospiten. Tel.: +52 (998) 881 3700
Galenia. Tel.: +52 (998) 891 5200

Cancun Emergency Numbers

Emergencies: 066
Fire Department: +52 (998) 884 1202 / 884 9480
Police Department: +52 (998) 884 1913 / 885 2277
Red Cross: +52 (998) 884 1616 Emergencies: 065


Lightweight and casual. In winter, a sweater may be necessary. Some exclusive Cancun restaurants require semi-formal attire. To visit some archaeological sites or take a jungle tour, bring comfortable shoes, a hat or cap, sunglasses, biodegradable mosquito repellant and biodegradable sun block.