Chichén Itzá, the ancient city whose name means "in the mouth at the Itzáe's Well", was in its time of grandeur (between 800 and 1200 A.D.), the centre of political, religious and military power in Yucatán, if not all of South-eastern Meso America. Chichén Itzá is located 125 miles West of Cancun about 2:15 hrs. It is the most visited archaeological site on the Peninsula, famed for it’s extraordinary architecture beauty.
Chichen Itza
Find the Mayan mystic in our cultural tour of Tulum, visiting the most fascinating ruins built along the ocean side. The only known Mayan City built along side the setting sun and is magnificently situated high atop a cliff overlooking the crystal-blue Caribbean Sea and its surrounding jungle.
Visit Coba, a spectacular archeological site hidden inside the rain forest, at the Yucatan Peninsula. Once there you can observe the Nohoch Muul temple the most important temple in the area.
Located 44 miles South of Cancun, Xcaret was for more than ten centuries one of the most important Mayan ceremonial centers and seaports. Today, it is an incredible eco-archaeological park where you can spend a marvelous day. Come and enjoy the underground rivers, dolphins, beach, lagoon & inlet, diving & snorkeling, horses, coral reef aquarium, museum, botanical garden, orchid farm, mushroom farm, archaeological sites, Jaguar Island, Wild Bird breeding aviary, butterfly pavilion, open air theater, authentic Mexican cuisine and seafood.
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Xel Ha a place where nature has created incredible caves, inlets and lagoons. Fish from the Caribbean take refuge in placid waters of Xel-Ha, where fresh waters from nearby streams mixes with the ocean. Xel-Ha has been granted the "Must See Waterpark" award by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions.
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Gaze at the ground, trees and caves from an 11 zip-lines circuit. Set sail on a raft and paddle with your hands over crystal-clear waters among age-old rocky formations. Feel the adventure of conquering all terrains in a 3 mile journey through the exotic Caribbean Jungle and eight caverns, one of them flooded, on mighty two-seated amphibious vehicles and swim through the most spectacular mysterious routes, surrounded by amazing stalactites and stalagmites. Discover the secrets of the underground world!!.
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Selvatica, The adventure Kingdom, is Mexico’s undisputable leader in Fun Friendly excursions; our perfect balance of thrills, hospitality and FUN, have changed thousands of lives with our magical and unforgettable adventures. We are set up in a way we can offer your group, total privacy, regardless of the fact they are 30 or 400 people, we can tailor design your groups adventure based on the following activities: Canopy Tours , Aerial Trek, Dune Buggys, Segways, Caverns, Cenotes, Bicycles, Horses, Ocean Snorkel.
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Alltournative’s day expeditions are just the right combination of off-track adventure travel, nature and Maya culture.We offer the Group Market high quality service in all four of our standard adventure expeditions (Jungle Crossing, Maya Zip-Line, Maya Encounter, Tulum - Maya Zip-Line).Our focus on quality, safety and service, added to the flexibility of a customer-oriented organization, allows us to use different combinations of these adventure expeditions to create a whole range of exclusive products to fit our business clients’ needsfor groups of 10 people or more.
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Hook and his pirate crew invite you on a magnificent journey across the bay of Cancun to Isla Mujeres. This corner of the Mexican Caribbean is a symphony of golden sun kissed beaches and clear turquoise waters that host a breathtaking offshore reef. Approximate Cruise time from Cancun to Isla Mujeres is 1 hour and 45 minutes and during the journey the crew will entertain you with the history of Cancun and Isla Mujeres, games and other activities. Capacity: 350 people per boat.
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Set sail for romance on a cruise through the Nichupte Lagoon, sailing on a vintage Spanish galleon taking in and admiring the breathtaking sights under the Cancun sunset. The best is yet to come and the only thing you need to do is allow yourself to be pampered; savor the delicious lobster and become part of the romantic atmosphere created by the Sax melody. Daily 05:30 pm and 08:30 pm. Capacity: 72 guests
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Live an unparallel adventure and discover the beautiful Isla Mujeres. No matter day or night, our facilities allow us to provide a great variety of Theme Parties like the Caribbean Night and Pirate Assault, both of them include: Buffet dinner, open bar and our spectacular show. Features And Services: * Beach Club * Team building * Snorkeling tour * Bike tour * Bay cruise tour * kayak tour * Isla Mujeres Shopping Tour
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Garrafon Natural Park is ideally situated on the charming Island of Isla Mujeres and will amaze you with its natural beauties and fascinating adventures in and out of the water. This exotic tropical paradise is only 25 minutes by boat from Cancun, Mexico. The great diversity of underwater species, including several types of coral and multicolored tropical fish, offers an unparalleled visual spectacle that is virtually indescribable.
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The Dolphin Discovery location has been designed especially for the dolphins´ care and for your amusement. You will be able to rest on comfortable lounge chairs, taste delicious dishes and fresh beverages, take a splash while you listen to the sound of waves or simply stare at the dolphins for hours over the pier. Doesn’t matter your preferences, this place has something for everyone: plus, the awesome swim with dolphins programs, you will have the opportunity to discover unique experiences with sharks and rays.
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Dolphin Discovery
The region’s most unique natural treasure.Dare to live a fantastic experience in one of the most incredible locations in the Riviera Maya. Enter this natural museum filled with a kaleidoscope of speleothems and walk an easy 600m route amidst the thousands of stalactites and stalagmites found in this protected natural reserve. Learn and marvel in this ancient, magical subterranean world that until now has remained unexplored for millions of years.
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Rio Secreto
A stunning place that will allow you to peek at the depths to admire all kind of colored fish, all the way to the feared piranhas, the Seahorses and the enigmatic jelly-fish medusas, without mentioning the sharks and the millenary sea turtles, at the interactive aquarium you will get to know the dwellers of our seas, and understand the importance of each one of the species and their role in the delicate natural balance of their eco-system.
Interactive Acuarium
Take a journey into the open waters of the Mexican Caribbean. This trip will be a great opportunity to see the different colors of the Caribbean Sea, enjoy the sun and have fun with your friends and family. Once on board one the luxury fishing yachts, you will be in pursuit of big game fish.
Swimming with Dolphins at Delphinus is a guaranteed fun experience because it is the worldwide leader in responsible and sustainable management of dolphins, in facilities vanguard design and high qualified swim with dolphins programs. Swimming with dolphins is synonyms of an unforgettable experience, full of joy, learning and complicity with nature. We offer you the best swim with dolphins programs of the global market, with the highest quality and inside the beautiful Mexican Caribbean spots with the best service.
Exotic Rides Mexico, is a new tourist attraction in Cancun that consists in an extraordinary driving experiences on board of the best cars in the world, by the hand of professional drivers we give you the opportunity to race exotic cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi, Mercedes Benz and Lotus.
Exotic Rides