30/10/2013The Festival of Life and Death Traditions

logo vida y muerte

With grand presentations by Susana Harp, Regina Orozco, the group Los Folkloristas and the Symphony Orchestra and Great Ballet of Campeche, Xcaret Park brings you the celebration of the Day of the Dead or Hanal Pixán in its 8th edition of the Festival of Life and Death Traditions.

Xcaret Park honors this great tradition that in 2003 was declared a masterpiece of oral and intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO, and every year during five days the Festival of Life and Death Traditions takes place. During this great celebration you can enjoy the traditional cuisine of the region, traditional sweets, rituals alluding Hanal Pixán, workshops, handcrafts, offerings and altars; visual art exhibitions such as painting, drawing, photography and short films; regional, contemporary and children’s theatre, and dances; tours at the cemetery, an amusing children and youth pavilion alluding Campeche, our guest state; gala concerts and a great variety of activities that takes us through different artistic disciplines from the traditional to the contemporary, in this celebration of the Mayan world dedicated to the memory and coexistence with our deceased.

The central theme for this edition is the Ix´tabay, mythical character of the Mayan culture represented by a beautiful woman, who, according to the legend, appears to men at night, when walking alone and takes them with her.

The Festival of Life and Death Traditions is a celebration which aims to ensure the active participation of society, Mayan communities, artistic groups and independent artists to incorporate the diversity and cultural richness into the Day of the Dead celebration, by recapturing ethnic, traditional and contemporary practices around this millennial and beautiful Mexican tradition.

The Festival of Life and Death Traditions is a patchwork of color, music and tradition with an extraordinary and greatly varied program of activities for children, young people and adults, all revolving around the Day of the Dead or Hanal Pixán in the Mayan world.