Body wraps

Caribbean Sea Wrap
Detoxify with seaweed´s minerals and oligoelements, helps nourish and contour your body. As a final refreshing touch, a body moisturizer is applied to tone and refresh. 
 Delicious Chocolate
An exquisite experience with the all pleasure and without remorse. Sensual treatment with chocolate products. The chocolate propierties generate a drenaige effect at the same time the soft smell relaxes you.
Exotic Grape
Now your skin is more refined and selected. Exclusive treatment based on derivatives of wine. The skin recovers luminosity and vitality, releasing the stress and providing an extraordinary texture and smoothness. Wine Body wrap Relaxing massage with Wine Cream Wine bath Time: 80 minutes 
Detoxifying Green Mud Wrap
A nutrient-rich combination of Montmorillite Green Mud with Eucalyptus and Sage essential oils is applied to the body to encourage detoxification and deep penetration of minerals. 
Purification Flowers Wrap
A delightful flower experience that detoxifies the entire body. A handmade, 100% silky cotton “manta mexicana” (Mexican blanket) is soaked in an aromatic infusion of lavender, chamomile, and Jamaica flowers. Your body is kept warm while wrapped in the “manta” until the relaxing mixtures penetrate the body and draw out impurities. 
Papaya Melon Wrap
Rich in enzymes and vitamins, this treatment includes a gentle exfoliation with natural herbs , followed  by a hydrating body mask of papaya and melon. 
Signature Kayanta Body Wrap
The delightful and specil synergy of volcanic mud andorganic herb extracts leaves your skin healthi and glowind for a memorable experienceCalming: blue mud of chamomile, Melisa and calendulaDetoxify: green mud of aloe vera, avocado and torongil extractRelax: yellow mud of arnica and tila extractRevitalizing:  red mud of juniper, ginger, lime and lemon  
Cucumber Wrap
An application of cooling cucumber paste enhanced with chamomile , lavender and tea tree essential oils.  
Mayan Avocado Yogurt Wrap
A super hydrating body wrap rich in  vitamin E, specially designed for dry skin that fails to respond to conventional therapies. 
Mexican Vanilla Wrap
Flowers and fruit extracts are combined for natural exfoliating treatments. 
Heavenly Body
In this antioxidant nourishing wrap, a luscious, tropical fruit-extract cocktail reveals skin that is toned, supple and soft. This treatment provides an antidote to everyday stress, plus cellular restoration and environmental protection for the skin. 
Exotic Coconut Rub + Milk Ritual Wrap
This ceremony draws on a Balinese recipe of herbs for a stimulating polish and a warm nourishing milk wrap to nurture the skin.
Exotic Frangipani Body Nourish Wrap
This aromatic Tahitian ritual uses coconut and frangipani flowers to infuse the skin with moisture and restore its glow.
 Spa del Mar Elemis Signature Wrap  
Combining the richness of sea plants and pure unpolluted marine algae with the powers of locally-sourced Mayan clay, the spa’s signature treatment incorporates light dry brushing, a body wrap, and one hour of Cellutox Deep Tissue Muscle Massage.
 Elemis Aroma Spa Ocean Wrap 
This seaweed wrap treatment detoxifies and deep cleanses the body inside and out, combining the riches of sea plants and marine algae with aroma-based therapies and massage.
 Tequila Wrap
This invigorating and energizing treatment combines a fabulous preparation massage with distilled tequila plus a body wrap with a blend of Aloe Vera and Agave (the plant from which tequila is made). Accompanying elixir: Lemonade and/or chocolate with tequila.
Tamarind Pre-tan Wrap
With antioxidant and diuretic properties, tamarind smoothes and tones your skin, while preparing it for the deep-penetrating rays of the Caribbean sun. Accompanying elixir: Tamarind water 
Imperial Chocolate and Coffee wrap
Because of their sacred worth and high value as an instrument of trade, only Pre-Hispanic sovereigns had exclusive access to these precious ingredients. Indulge in a delicious experience through a stimulating massage and a nutritious and hydrating body wrap of royal elements. Accompanying elixir: Hot chocolate and/or coffee
 Golden Body Wrap
A treatment that combines gold powder and floral essential oils in an exfoliation, followed by a silky bodywrap that will leave your skin glowing, hydrated and completely rejuvenated.
 Mayan Petit Princesa
This fascinating package includes a facial and a body wrap, combining native ingredients, marine mud rich in minerals from chixcxulub crater mixed with unique herbs: chaya and achiote, to nurture and hydrate your skin.
 Heavenly Wrap
Forget the daily routine and give your mind a vacation. Let yourself be transported to heaven with this wrap that will return softness to your skin. 
Discover the mysteries hidden in this magic land while you rejuvenate your body inside this warm cocoon that once open will release your beauty in all its splendor. 
You can find some of these treatments at the following hotels: 

  • El Dorado Royale
  • Ritz Carlton
  • Yhi Spa (Me and  Gran Melia Cancun)
  • Ceiba del Mar
  • Paraíso de la Bonita
  • JW Marriott
  • Heavenly Spa  by Westin
  • Spa del Mar ( Le Meridien)
  • Elements Spa  by Elan Resort
  • Hilton Spa

 Price Range:  110 – 300 usd.