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During your stay in Holbox you can take ecological tours guided by local fishermen and get to swim or snorkel beside the incredible whale sharks, placid manta rays and sea turtles. You may even find your boat is followed by playful dolphins.

Isla de los Pajaros (Bird Island) is a tiny island and is refuge to 140 species of birds. Nobody is allowed to disembark here but you will have the opportunity to see an amazing array of birds, such as flamingos, cormorants, frigate birds, cranes, wild ducks, gulls, herons, and many more. It is a fantastic place to view wild birds in their natural habitat.

The Yalahau Lagoon is only accessible by boat and is known for its spring water that bubbles up at the edge of the mangroves. This spring was the major source of fresh drinking water for the people of Holbox island. Legend has it that Molas, the pirate enjoyed bathing in this fountain of youth with his concubines. The lagoon is a true celebration of nature with its pink flamingos, white herons, peaceful crocodiles and a great number of fish.

Swimming with whale sharks is the main attraction during the summer months. Whale sharks are the gentle giants of the ocean. They are the largest fish in the world measuring up to 40 feet (12 meters) and weighing up to 15 tons. Fortunately for those of us that want to swim with the whale shark they are totally harmless and peaceful. During your vacation in Cancun you have the once in a lifetime opportunity to get up close to one of these amazing creatures. If adventurers want to take advantage of this phenomenon, you must bear in mind that the whale sharks are usually found around the islands of Holbox and Contoy from May until September, although mostly during the months of July and August. They gather here due to the nutrient -rich water around these shores. In fact, 30th August has now been formally established as the Mexican Day of the Whale Shark.

You can book tours to swim with the whale sharks leaving Cancun from Punta Sam, which last about 5 hours, or you can take a trip to Isla Holbox and book it while you are there. If you choose to experience swimming with the whale shark you will be accompanied by experts who will provide you with all the necessary information to better understand the behaviour of these wonderful creatures.

Tours to the other islands and the lagoon can be booked when you get to Holbox.

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