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    By mixing the finest environmentally safe technology with the most spectacular scenery, a trilogy of outstanding activities which combine air and water, was created. At the same time a new kind of adventurer was born; they are called the “aqua-riders”. Become one of them, master all three activities and ride with the wind… that is… if you dare!

    Forget about yourself as a human being… Become an aircraft and take control of your body in ways you never imagined before! Jetpack is an amazing state of the art technology that will let you fly over the dazzling waters of the Nichupté Lagoon. With the guide of friendly and expert instructors who keep in constant communication through your helmet even under water, jetpackers are safe and cared for at all times. Learn some simple controls, follow your pilot’s directions and don’t mind splashing straight into the water, as the Jetpack equipment is light and floats by itself.
    Visit La Isla Shopping Village and experience this airborne activity that you’ll never forget!

    Within the beautiful setting of the turquoise waters of Cancun, adventurers from all over the world seek life-changing experiences, which combine nature and innovative technology. For all of them Flyboard was created, a totally different water sport, which will take you to fly over the Caribbean Sea in a board boosted by water streams. Have you ever wondered how would it be to fly like a superhero? This is your moment! Find balance, experience the true meaning of freedom and discover a blue horizon that becomes your territory. Once you dominate the art of flyboarding, your personalized pilot will teach you how to reach the sky and then dive into the ocean just like a dolphin.

    The sun shines and the temperature increases; the ocean breeze cools dawn your skin, the people throughout the beach watch breathless while you fly across the sky, curling and meandering in a small board boosted by the only power of water. That’s the way it feels to control a Hoverboard at the awe-inspiring settings of Cancun. The turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean will be your highway in this incredible adventure that is fun as it is safe. It’s that simple! Just listen to your personal pilot’s directions; buckle up your lifejacket and get ready to fly over the ocean like a sea hawk with the wind as your only companion.

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360 Surf School Cancun

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    We provide top quality Surf Lesson in Cancun. Surf Lessons for Kids / Adults, Private or Group. Our Certified Surf Instructors speak English, Spanish and French.
    We also Rent Surfboards, and Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP). Learn to surf in One easy lesson. We Guarantee Fun and Results!
    Learning to surf with is 360 Surf School Cancun is easy and fun, with our professional staff, excellent equipment, and fun Cancun waves!

    Contact info:
    David M. Wanamaker
    Cell Phone: 998-241-6443
    Schedule: 7days/week 9am - 5pm