Mayan Massages

Top’Nikté Massage 
We start with a relaxing 50 minutes massage and continue with a cocoon body wrap with a cotton cloth soaked in an herbal infusion.   This allows the body to get rid of toxins, and absorb the benefits of the herbs.  You also receive a de-stress scalp and face massage. 
Balsamic Mayan Massage
Designed to balance  body, mind and spirit, restoring peace and vitality.   Ten different essential oils are personalized for this treatment.   Gives enormous benefits to the immunology and circulatory systems, helps to correct unbalanced column, bad posture, stress, exhaust and mainly strengths the nervous system.   The essential oils are applied as raindrops over the back and are spread along the vertebras with soft massages, heat is also used as hot stones to help oils to penetrate skin, finishing with a full body massage. The benefits of this treatment will last for one month approximately. 
Facial May-thai   
 This anti-stress facial is a Mayan –Thailand fusion. A vegetable peeling will prepare the skin, a deep face massage to stimulate the meridians will continue, to follow with a nutritive massage with hot steamed compresses with grains and herbs. A cold aloe veil will seal this treatment. Your skin will feel stress free and rejuvenated. 
Mayan Deluxe

Using the most advanced professional products available, with centuries old tradition, this unique treatment of exfoliating massage is the best for moisturizing and nourishing your skin, leaving it silky and with a radiant healthy look  

Mayan Purification for Princesses
Following an ancient ritual and old traditions we have created an experience that combines pleasurable sensations with the burning of incense made with aromatic and healing ingredients, healing plants, exfoliation with tropical fruits and a mask that will make you feel healthy and transformed.
Balche, The Sacred Drink of the Mayas
 In the Mayan rituals, Balche was an essential element that helped to connect with the cosmos and nature and also in curing infirmities. This treatment involves a body cleansing with an exfoliation base of brown sugar and cinnamon, followed by a relaxing massage with a mixture of oils from Mayan sacred herbs and with Balche, to relax, cleanse and help your body achieve total tranquility.  
Precious Elements Gold & Jade Treatment
 Experience the wonderful sensation of utilizing three of the most prized elements in the Mayan culture, gold, jade and flowers. This ritual begins with a full body exfoliation using precious gold and floral essences, followed by a relaxing body wrap to replenish and nourish the skin. During the wrap, a gentle facial will remove impurities and refine skin texture. A 20 minute bath of precious gold powder and flowers will promote detoxification and bring about profound relaxation. An application of precious oils, again using precious elements, leaves your skin glowing, hydrated and totally rejuvenated. 
Hunab Ku, Mayan Traditional Massage
 Still performed in the local communities, this treatment is a refreshing mixture of rituals and unconventional healing movements, with standard massage touches and strokes and a very unique abdominal massage technique performed according to the traditional beliefs of energy flow; one step back in time, bringing you closer to the simple and unsophisticated truths.  
Xtabentun Body and Face Adventure
 A traditional Yucatan recipe, based on a Mayan legend, Xtabentun is delightful anis-seed liquor. An exfoliation with brown sugar and honey will refresh the skin while the body and face masks will leave you with a firmer, more hydrated, suppler and shinier skin. 
Uxmal Massage
 Mayan spa essential oils are expertly blended from four different elements to detoxify and heal. Our signature massage harmonizes acupuncture pressure with aromatic kneading. Simply the ultimate in relaxation. 
Available at:

  • Spa  at Ceiba del Mar
  • Spa  at JW Marriott
  • Spa at Westin Resot and Spa
  • Hilton Spa
  • Ritz Carlton Spa
  • Paraiso de la Bonita

**Please contact the hotel for more information.