Ek Balam

The most recent great find, it is barely starting to reveal its secrets. Its principal buildings, temples and palaces are located inside a walled area; the three walls are evidence of protection of this sacred centre and seat of power, where the governors and priests lived. The common people lived in the surrounding areas in flimsy houses similar to those we see currently on the peninsula.

Located some 145 Km. (90 miles) from Cancun and approximately a 2 hour run on the toll-way, Ek Balam takes its place as the most recent archaeological zone in the region to be opened to the public. Its architectural style is unique in the zone; it takes a minimum of an hour to cover the principal structures. It has no service zone nearby. It is regularly combined with Valladolid, some cenotes, Rio Lagartos or eco-tourism activities in the zone to make it a full day?s excursion. There are various options on the market already organized to visit Ek Balam different days of the week.