Cancún archaeological sites

El Meco
5 Km. from Cancun, has a pyramid, El Castillo (The Castle), with fans encrusted in its facades ? a symbol of commerce- since the city was a strategic commercial enclave until the arrival of the Spaniards.

El Rey
In the hotel zone, between the ocean and the lagoon, the monuments of El Rey (The King) were erected, apparently, upon an only paved roadway. The facades still retain vestiges of bright coloured mural painting. The zone today is home to a multitude of placid iguanas.

Yamil Lu’um
In the gardens of the Sheraton Hotel a rebuilt structure of great elegance was erected: Yamil Lu?um (Wavy or rolling ground in Maya).

Pok ta Pok
On the playing course of Golf Cancun, also known as Pok ta Pok, golfers have the good fortune of finding a temple isolated in the rolling lawns.