Holbox, Isla Contoy & Isla Mujeres


Holbox, a 42 km long island is located northwest of Cancun. Perfect for those who seek calmness, this fishermen village is an irresistible invitation to bond with Nature and enjoy life’s simplicity.
Sanctuary to thousands of wild species like dolphins, pelicans, turtles, flamingos and other exotic birds, Holbox also offers unparalleled sunsets, sandy unspoiled beaches, crystal clear waters ideal for windsurfing, kite surfing, snorkeling, sailing or kayaking and one of a kind experiences like swimming with the famous Domino whale (in season) or crocodile watching.
While in Holbox treat yourself to the most delicious dishes made with the real Caribbean taste and the freshest seafood brought everyday by the native fishermen.
Holbox is at heart a truly unforgettable experience.

Isla Contoy

Isla Contoy, considered the most important nesting place of sea birds in all of the Mexican Caribbean, is a small tropical island (barely 8.5 kilometers long) located approximately 30 km north of Isla Mujeres.
Protected area since 1961 and declared National Park in 1998, this island boasts more than a hundred and fifty migrating and resident bird species.
To visit Contoy you must take one of the official tours that sail from Isla Mujeres or Cancun since few companies have permission to take visitors to the island. Some of the recommended activities are snorkeling at the Ixlache Reef, bird watching, visiting the museum, savoring “Tikinxik” a traditional mayan specialty made with BBQ fish, relaxing under a palapa and basically enjoy the asylum of this extraordinary landscape found only in the heart of the Mexican Caribbean. 

Isla Mujeres

Located opposite Cancun coast, 7.5 km long and an average 500 meters wide, Isla Mujeres combines the beauty of the Caribbean, a lush tropical jungle and the wonderful heritage of the Mayan civilization.
At a 20-minute ferry ride from Cancun, this charming island is the ideal spot for spending a vacation.
In Isla Mujeres you’ll be able to choose from 1 to 5-star hotels, specialty, international and regional restaurants, bars to listen to trova or tropical music, beach clubs, Caribbean shows, and a wide range of activities like swimming with dolphins, snorkeling or diving in the impressive sleeping sharks cave and among the beautiful coral reefs, visiting the ancient mayan ruins or exploring the entire island on any of the tours leaded by experts of the fishermen’s cooperative.
Isla Mujeres, captivating serenity incites you to relax and take pleasure in the simple and pleasant islander life.

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