Adventure & Ecotourism tours

There are countless adventure and ecotourism tours in Cancun and the surrounding areas suitable for all the family. You can enjoy some of the longest zip lines in Latin America, go mountain biking, drive through the jungle in open top jeeps and swim in cenotes. You can choose to take a 1 day tour or take a trip over several days travelling through the Yucatan peninsula encountering as much adventure as you can take.

Xplor is a unique underground world, with four activities that invite you to Xplor and rediscover your emotions and senses immersed in nature.
65 million years ago a massive asteroid struck the Yucatan peninsula, bringing to an end an era. Dinosaurs were extinguished and gave rise to new forms of life on our planet. Nonetheless, beneath the surface, even more amazing changes were taking place. Rain filled the basin formed by the crater, which eroded the stone and formed caverns which, over millions of years, nature sculpted a miraculous underground landscape.

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As the water level goes down, these caverns continue to form stalagmites and stalactites by the constant filter of rain water that dissolves the calcium carbonate and deposits a miniscule amount of mineral at the tip of every formation. Nature has sculpted these caverns since before the first man was born and will continue to change this miraculous underground landscape with every beat of its heart.

This unique place is found in the heart of the Riviera Maya on the highway to one side of Xcaret.

Xplor offers you the chance to dive deep into the entrails of the Earth in way that would previously have been unimaginable, submerging yourself in a sea of stalactites and stalagmites, navigating on an underground raft, after a fantastic flight through the jungle, or like a modern Xplorer, driving an amphibious vehicle that can travel equally on water and underground and also through the intricate paths filled with thick foliage

Xplor is the most exclusive park in the Rivera Maya and the only space in Mexico that offers all the best activities in one place. The cutting edge equipment used is the best and safest in the world.

Contact Information
Federal Highway 307 km. 282 Riviera Maya
Quintana Roo, México.
Cancún: 998-251-6560 / Playa del Carmen: 984-147-6560
México: 01-800-212-8951 / USA-CAN: 1-888-XCARET1

Alltournative® is a tour operator and provider of products, services, and ecotourism recreation activities. They are mostly lands of ejido communities, managed and maintained by members of the community under an independent micro-business structure.

rio secretoRio Secreto by Alltournative
The region’s most unique natural treasure.
Dare to live a fantastic experience in one of the most incredible locations in the State of Quintana Roo.

Enter this natural museum filled with a kaleidoscope of speleothems and walk an easy 600m route amidst the thousands of stalactites and stalagmites found in this protected natural reserve. Learn and marvel in this ancient, magical subterranean world that until now has remained unexplored for millions of years.

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    Contact Information:
    Carretera Federal Chetumal – Puerto Juarez. Km. 287,
    Lote 13 Sur. Col. Ejido Sur, Playa del Carmen,
    Solidaridad, Quintana Roo, C.P. 77710 México
    Tel (984) 803 9451 – 59

Green Company:
Alltournative® is an ecotourism project designed to create social and ecological conditions interacting in harmony to promote tangible and sustainable development outcomes with the following objectives in mind:

To preserve and protect the flora and fauna of the region
To preserve and protect regional ecosystem diversity
To contribute to the creation of a worthy way of life for the inhabitants of local communities encouraging regional social and economic development
To protect cultural traditions of the community

Awards and Recognitions

  • 2003 International Excellence Award
  • 2004 Mexican Achiever´s Award
  • 2005 Finalist, New Ventures, México
  • 2005 Top 10 Entrepreneurs, México
  • 2005 Regional Economic, Development, México
  • 2005 Finalist Endeavor, México
  • 2006 Finalist Endeavor, Latin America
  • 2006 Distinctive “M”, Modernize Program, México
  • 2007 Distinctive “ESR”, Socially Responsible Co.
  • 2008 Certification “GRI” Global Reporting Initiative
  • 2008 Distinctive “ESR”, Socially Responsible Co.
  • 2008 National Tourism Product Diversification, in category adventure and ecotourism.

logoEcoColors We are an environmental aware tour operator stationed in Cancun, Mexico. We offer ecotours to the amazing Maya World on the Yucatan Peninsula and beyond. Tours include a variety of different activities such as biking, bird watching, hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, visiting archaeological sites and much more.

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Contact Information:

Camarón 32, SM 27, Cancun, Q.Roo, México. C.P. 77509
Phone (98) 84 36 67, phone/fax (98) 98 95 80

Green Company:
EcoColors, has established a partnership with Amigos de Sian Ka’an donating money from each customer to conservation and research projects in Mexico. EcoColors offers workshops to local Mayan community people to encourage them to promote conservation and start working in ecotourism initiatives. Additionally, after 3 years of collaboration with ICRAN MAR, the Coral Reef Alliance, UNEP and WWF, EcoColors decided to be a model on the adoption of standards and good environmental practices in all the trips they offer by protecting natural resources.

Where does the water go that we use?
The waste water in the office is filtered through a series of underground basins, and then forced through a mix of rocks and sand before reaching a small pool where plants from the area consume the organic matter. The excess water is then evaporated and returned to its natural cycle.

What happens with the organic trash?
We have a special bin for our organic trash. We empty the bins every 2 days and we burry the food behind the office. The animals that live under the ground can eat this, so the circle of life is completed.

logo selvatica Selvatica  the adventure kingdom is strategically located in between Cancun and Playa del Carmen (only 30 minutes away from either town).
foto selvaticaWith over 330 acres of jungle, our 3   high-rope circuits including our multi-prized “Aventura” zipline circuit (11 cables), plus it’s brand new “Extremo” course                  (12 ziplines),   and the America’s first A.C.C.T. fully certified Aerial Trek (high ropes course with over 20 elements), Selvatica offers adventures for everyone, from 6 to 96 year olds.

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Our programs are half day activities that can be performed in any weather condition, we offer 7 different adventures combining our different zipline or high rope courses with bicycles to magical open “cenotes” (sinkholes), or army trucks to natural caverns, reef ocean snorkel, horseback ride into the ocean, are among some of our tour complements. See why Travel & Leisure magazine rate us as “one of 35 great adventures in the World”, and why we are Trip Advisors #1 “must-do activity” in the region.
Contact Information:
Km. 19 Ruta de los Cenotes
Desviación en km. 321 Cancun-Chetumal
Ejido de Puerto Morelos.Office:
Av. Lopez Portillo Mz. 63, lt. 1, Smz. 64
Cancun, Q.R. 77524
From México 52 (998) 8474581
From USA & Canada 1-8665528825

    • Selvatica is a ecological project whose purpose is to enhance the beauty of nature, therefore ALL our actions are focused towards this principle, some of our actions include the reutilization of all our construction excedents in a 95%, our garbage is processed in the following processes (organical waste = compost, cans and pet = recycling centers).
      We promote the use of ecological sun tan lotions and bug repellents to all our clients, plus include regular water monitoring on all the sinkholes we use, as well as exhaustive local flora and fauna conservation.

The most exciting TOURS exploring and tasting MEXICO AND THE MAYAN WORLD, discovering Real Nature Treasures and Live Culture, visiting known and hidden places, enjoying them in a very different way. Leadered by a MEXICAN FAMILY that will take you into a deep and wonderful MEXICO, you will experience a lifetime adventure… enjoy our tours or design your own!

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Main Activities
• Circuit Tours specialized in Culture & Nature in Mexico and The Mayan World
• Voluntourism
• Scuba diving & Kayaking Trips
• Private tours through the Yucatan peninsula
• Custom Tailored Packages
• On Site Logistic Support

Address. Venado Lote 25, Mza 18, N° 34-B, SM: 20 Cancún Q. Roo CP: 77500
Toll Free from US and Canadá: 1800 959 8053

Elite Cyclery Bike Tours
logo Elite Cyclery Bike Tours
Unique mountain bike and road bike tours leading you through the jungle of Quintana Roo, the Mexican Caribbean. Visiting places other tours won’t go. Mysterious Mayan ruins, crystal clear cenotes, small Mayan communities, hidden beaches and more exciting adventures.
We will take you to some amazing places. Because of our climate and the type of tracks we have, it can be a real challenge, even for the most experienced biker. Of course we also have some beautiful more sleek tracks for intermediate bikers. However these tours do require a good level of health and physical condition.

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    Tel: 998 206 3145

Yaakun Experiencias/YEX
Logo YEX
Yaakun Experiencias (YEX) was created with the intention of making tourism a profound humane activity based on principles and with the true purpose of showing the best of who we are, of our country, our region, our services, the culture and the nature that surrounds us. We achieve this in a friendly manner, treating our tourists with the utmost respect.
We have been operating tours for six years. During this time we have transported thousands of people and the level of satisfaction reached has been the highest in Cancun. We create selected itineraries in which our clients are able to maximize their time and money by presenting them with the places as well as the activities that are essential to know and experience during a visit to the Mexican Caribbean. We do it the best way, in small groups, offering personal treatment and with the finest suppliers in the market.
Yaakun means to love and to fall in love with in Maya. We hope that we can make you fall in love with our service, our nature, our culture and with our people.

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    Adress: Cielo No 17 SM 4 Mz7 R6 L17 D 43
    Tel: Of. (52) 998 251 50 19 , Cell. (998) 100 05 44 y (998)2625113