Actividades / Watersports


Cancun watersports are one of the main attractions for visitors to Cancun owing to the some of the world’s finest beaches and of course the Great Mesoamerican Reef which is the second largest reef in the world. With more than 14 miles of white powdery sand beach and the spectacular reef, Cancun watersports are an enthusiast’s dream. Whether you want to windsurf, parasail, or learn to scuba dive, Cancun is the perfect watersports destination.

Cancun watersports centers
Cancun watersports centers and marinas are run by extremely professional, expert guides with all the latest equipment and technology. There are over 25 watersports centers, all of which use environmentally sensitive technology to minimize fuel-related contamination to protect the environment.

Our list of Cancun waterports centers will show you all the activities available so you can book your program before you go if you wish and include it in your Trip Planner. Jungle Tours are extremely popular, or you can rent a wave runner or catamaran, take a trip on a glass bottom boat or take the plunge and get SCUBA-certified by an experienced dive instructor.

Cancun Scuba Diving
With its shallow reefs and breathtaking views of amazing corals and vividly colored fish, Cancun scuba diving is a feast for the senses……… more

Cancun Snorkeling
Experience the magical underwater world of the Great Mesoamerican Reef with a Cancun snorkeling trip. Because of the shallow reefs Cancun snorkeling is the perfect alternative for those that are not so keen on scuba diving. You will still get to see the beauty of the reefs close up…………read more

Cancun Fishing
Cancun fishing is fabulous as you can enjoy fly-fishing, sportfishing or deep sea fishing depending on which may be your particular passion…….read more

Cancun Sailing
Cancun sailing is the best way to explore the turquoise blue waters around Cancun. You can choose to take a Cancun sailing trip organized by a Cancun tour operator, or you can choose to charter a sailboat or catamaran of your own and take to the open waters and round up your day with a romantic sunset sail, or go on a booze cruise for lots of fun and frolics………… more

Cancun Watersports Tips
Mexican law prohibits the following practices: touching animals or coral reefs, collecting rocks, sand, seashells or any natural object in the water or on the beach. Those violating these laws may be prosecuted.
Be sure to use sunscreen/suntan lotion, but ensure that it is biodegradable to avoid polluting the waters.

Always wear a life jacket while practising any watersports in Cancun.