How to get your tax back!

• Shop More & save your invoices / tickets
• Visit us at the Airport and malls locations
• Get your Money back!!


• Shop at TaxBack affiliated shops. You can identify them by the TaxBack Logo at the door, or ask the attendant if they are affiliated.


• Ask the shop attendant for an official invoice, and save all your official invoices and credit card receipts when you shop. Make sure the invoice has a DETAILED BREAKDOWN of all your purchases, your name, passport number and a breakdown of the cost of goods vs. taxes. Purchases must be for a minimum of $1,200 pesos and a maximum of $3,000 when paid in cash. There is no limit when paid by credit card.

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• Bring all your receipts, invoices and photocopies of your passport an boarding pass to the TAXBACK module at the airport or malls, along with the bank name, account number and/or services or credit card number where you would like your taxes to be reimbursed.
• 65% from VAT shopping incentive will be reimbursed.
• We will process and validate all documents and if the information is correct, you will receive the reimbursement amount in approximately 40 days after leaving the country. You can track the status of your reimbursement on our website.
• You can see the complete information from the Mexican government here (in Spanish).

Note: TaxBack will charge a commission of 35% of the total tax refund, as specified by the Mexican revenue service for all concessionaries in the VAT Return for Foreign Tourists Program.

The following products and services are not subject to tax reimbursement:
• Food, beverage, transportation and hospitality services (hotels, restaurants, taxicabs, airplane tickets, etc.)
• Groceries and food products
• Books
• Medication
• Opened bottles of alcoholic beverages

You can see the complete information from the Mexican government here (in Spanish).