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Ecotourism is one of the best alternatives to attain true sustainable development in rural communities. Alltournative is the pioneer in ecotourism in the State of Quintana Roo; Mexico. Since 1999, it has developed eco-tourist projects that have benefited the economic, social and cultural development of various Maya communities. The sustainable development of the Maya communities is supported by the agreements made with community groups, or ejidos, where the communities inside this area of influence are committed not only to achieve social and economic development, but also to avoid logging and hunting in the areas visited by tourists and beyond. In each ecotourism project, Alltournative has achieved significant economic sustainable development for the inhabitants, established programs for cultural and ecologic preservation as well as promoted the natural and cultural treasures of Mexico.


  • 2007: Entrepreneurial Social Responsibility
  • 2006: Distintivo “M”
  • 2006: Finalist Endeavor Latin America
  • 2005: Finalist Endeavor Mexico
  • 2005: Top 10 Entrepreneurs in Mexico
  • 2005: 2º place for Economic Development in the Region
  • 2005: Finalist New Ventures
  • 2004: Outstanding Mexican Achievers Award
  • 2003: Gold Medal: International Excellence Award
  • 2002: 1º place in Ecoturism in teh Nation



As a business commitment compliant with our goal to sustain and protect our tropical ecosystems, EcoColors donates certain parts of its income to environmental research and protection projects in the Mayan World.


Scuba Cancun

Scuba Cancun is getting ready to celebrate our 23rd annual clean up of Sigfrido Channel.
Scuba Cancun also has among our staff a MARTI leader (Mesoamerican reef tourism initiative) and Coral (Coral reef Alliance). To procurate sustainable proctices.
Scuba Cancun helps the Cancun underwater sculpture museum MUSA by lending scuba gear and boats for their operations at the museum.
We are afiliated to PADIs Project AWARE foundation to help the oceans.