Info General / Transportation


To/From the Airport
Ex. Airport to Moon Palace: 1-4 Pax 40.00USD
Phone: 886 03 27

Taxi by Hertz
Ex. Airport to Moon Palace: 1-4 Pax 40.00USD
Phone: 01800 021 8087

Cancun Buses
Buses are the cheapest way to get around Cancun and you can get from the Hotel Zone to almost anywhere for only8.5 pesos (Mexican coins only).

R1 – R2 – R15 – R27 all travel within the Hotel Zone although only half of them go as far as Wet n’ Wild – you need to ask the driver

R2 – R15 go to Walmart and the Market 28 in Downtown Cancun

R1 takes you to Puerto Juarez where you can catch the ferry to Isla Mujeres

R27 take you to Plaza Las Americas

There is also the Bus One (a white bus) which is the only bus with a/c travelling in the Hotel Zone. This costs 11 pesos.

If you want to get a bus to another town or city then you can go to the bus station on Avenida Tulum and get buses to Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Merida, Chetumal and just about anywhere you would like to go in Mexico. The ADObus service is very comfortable and reliable if you are planning a long trip.

Cancun Taxis

You can get a taxi anywhere in Cancun. The only restriction is that they are not allowed to collect from the airport. The airport has its own taxi system.

Taxi fares are set by how many zones you travel through. It is best to agree the rate before you start your journey and you can find the rates at the front desk of most hotels.

Remember that taxis from outside your hotel or restaurant are more expensive than one you hail in the street.

Ferries to Isla Mujeres

The ferry to Isla Mujeres from Puerto Juarez leaves every 30 minutes between 6am and 8pm.

The fast service takes 15 minutes and costs 3.50usd and slower on takes 45 minutes and costs 1.8usd.

There is ferry service from Playa Tortugas in the Hotel Zone. It leaves every hour between 9am and 2pm and takes 30 minutes. The last ferry leaves Isla Mujeres at 9pm. This costs 15usd for a return ticket.

There is also a car ferry leaving from Punta Sam which costs 13usd for the car plus $2usd per passenger. These leave five times daily starting at 8am and the last one leaves Isla Mujeres at 7.15pm.

Getting around Cancun by bus, taxi or ferry is really easy so make the most of it during your Cancun vacation and really get to know all Cancun has to offer!