13/05/2011Global Innovator Awards 2010-2011

Excellence in the world of retail sales of items for the home is the primary focus of the “International Home + Housewares Show” in Chicago that gives recognition to the most innovative stores through the “Global Innovator Awards (GIA)” program. “The International Home + Housewares Show and “International Housewares Association (IHA)” are the main sponsors and structure the competition on a national level. Its purpose is to honor innovation and creativity in the following categories:


  • Business concept and strategy
  • Store design
  • Visual presentation and shelving
  • Marketing, advertising and promotion
  • Customer service and personnel training
  • Innovation


The competition begins throughout the world upon the selection of the winners of the national GIAs. Each is invited to participate in the “International Home + Housewares Show” and in the “Global Innovator Awards” where the world GIA jury, made up  of four experts representing Asia, Europe and America as well as a rotating group of co-sponsoring editors, select a maximum of five winners of the “Global Honoree” designation.


This year there were 23 GIA national winners from 23 different countries and five “Global Honorees” that represent the best of the best on a worldwide basis. “In our eleventh year of the GIA program, we are delighted to continue honoring the best in the world and offering them recognition for their achievements, hoping it will serve as inspiration to other businesses to seek a competitive advantage as well as innovation for today’s market” said Phil Brandi, IHA president.


Casa Palacio Antara was the “Global Innovator Award” winner in 2008 for its advanced vision in interior design. Its dedication to evolution and instinct for excellence was one of the principles that gave life to another novel concept of El Palacio de Hierro: The Boutique Palacio that merges the best in fashion and home in a limited space whose careful selection of brands, surprising ambience and highly personalized service make it unique.


“The International Home + Housewares Show” and “International Housewares Association”, IHA, recognized the enormous capacity El Palacio de Hierro has for reinventing itself while continuing to offer value to its clients through new and dynamic formats. That is why, this past 8th of March, during “The GIA Show” of Chicago, it presented the first “Global Honoree 2010-2011” to the Boutique Palacio of Cancun which was congratulated for being an inspirational store focused on lifestyles and in the constant and consistent education of its Customer-Guests.