19/04/2011Mexico Showcase & Travel Expo – Cancun & Riviera Maya

If you have not had the opportunity to attend this terrific event in the past, do plan to do so this April 28 to May 1st.

Organized by the Cancun Convention & Visitors Bureau, Mexico Tourism Board, Riviera Maya Convention Bureau and Global Incentive Management Mexico – DMC, the 3 day schedule offers a terrific opportunity to experience Mexico, research venues and evaluate services while reviewing your program details on a one-on-one basis with knowledgeable hospitality professionals.

There was plenty to digest last year, and we’re talking about more than just the wonderful cuisine. A warm welcome greeted guests at every turn. Professionals will be representing hotels, audio-visual/technology companies, decorators, restaurants, caterers, off-site venues, transportation, eco-tourism and much more!

The tradeshow is organized with an efficient appointment schedule. With the show being in Cancun & Riviera Maya, the destination will be well represented and so were other zones of Mexico. During the trade show everyone will get down to the business in a atmosphere created by the NOW JADE RESORT.

Last Year the National Onion Association’s, Wayne Mininger, commented that he has done programs on both the Caribbean and Pacific sides of Mexico and what he finds most impressive is the “service, service, service” with a “can do” attitude of everyone involved (including the story of a gardener building an easel for him!). “The most extraordinary things are done, just to make sure things work and run smoothly by this industry in Mexico” says Mininger.

In planning for the future, Andy Ortiz President of Mexico Showcase and Global Incentive Management, DMC reflects on how 10 years ago a small “Showcase” was organized to simply for Cancun. Now, all of Mexico provides support. “The wonderful participation and support of Mexico Showcase comes from a group of professionals who understand what this business is about and they want people to know we can deliver. They know having professional planners and organizers coming to actually experience our service, is what has produced the twenty million in revenue directly attributable to this show for our country.” Leading the way is the Mexico Tourism Board , Riviera Maya Convention Bureau and the Cancun Convention Bureau.

For more information regarding the 10th annual Mexico Showcase visit our website www.mexicoshowcase.com