20/12/2010Cancun Governor’s Cup Tournament 2010

The Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau and ESPN regional television station, recently announced the celebration of the Cancun Governor’s Cup Tournament 2010, that will take place from December 22nd to December 24th.

The stadium is located in the Luis Donaldo Boulevard, just a few minutes away from Cancun International Airport. The new tournament will have 12 games throughout three days. Each team will compete in one game per day and the two remaining winning teams will compete against each other in finals for the winning title. The Cancun Governor’s Cup promotes support to sporting initiatives like youth basketball in Mexico, started by Telmex Foundation, together with Mexican NBA star Eduardo Nájera, making an effort to bring basketball to Mexican youth. For more information on tickets or trips to the area, please visit: www.cancungovernorscup.com