19/11/2010First Cultural Diversity Fair

May the people have peace, much peace, and be happy!

With this thought, taken from the sacred Mayan book El Popol Vuh, the Organizing Committee of the First Cultural Diversity Fair manifests its deepest desire, and we summon citizens to participate in this festival of reencounter, of exchange, of diffusion and of protection of our utterly diverse and multicultural patrimony—diverse in both a material and an immaterial sense.

The Cultural Diversity Fair (CDF) is the truest demonstration that we belong to a society which recognizes its plurality and the plural character of its very identity, becoming aware that cultural identity and cultural diversity for us are two inseparable terms.

The Organizing Committee of the First Cultural Diversity Fair came about through awareness that the population of Cancun is made up of citizens from almost every state of the republic. We have over 90 nationalities among us. Half of our population is Mayan. Many of us belong to more than 18 ethnicities. It is our pride to have consular representation here of 29 countries. Annually we receive visitors from an average of 233 countries. Furthermore, the Caribbean Sea binds over 20 insular countries—almost 200 islands—into a proper Region, with a similar historical and cultural reality.
It is in the context of this exceptional reality in Latin America that the CDF arises to give voice to a society in search of a means of organization that will allow us to recognize and identify ourself, and thus foster a multicultural identity that expresses, creates and defends its historical, cultural and natural patrimony.

Above all, the CDF aims to give us the possibility to know ourselves, to share and exchange knowledge and proposals, to open up a comprehensive vision of our surroundings, to recognize the importance our history and our origins, to personally meet our popular artists and creators and through them have access to all the manifestations of art and draw near the deep pride which belongs to a society that becomes known for its artistic sensibility, its culture, its science and its cosmic vision.
Through propagating, sensitizing, and training, the CDF aims to help us organize ourselves and respond in an evermore efficient way to the demands of climatic change and environmental protection, as well as to the demands of finding new ways of coexisting in a healthier, more sustainable and equitable manner.
Through the CDF we hope to know, understand, and harness the contributions of peoples from other cultures, other States, other countries, who have decided to live, work and dream here, and commit themselves to sustainable development in this city.
Through the CDF we will keep oral traditions and ancient customs alive. We will transmit ancestral wisdom and knowledge of traditional medicine. We will promote music, painting, theater, dance, and literature within a framework that recognizes our natural patrimony and natural resources. For all of these form part of the great sheaf that keeps our historic memory alive—an imperative tool for innovation and creative transformation of our present reality.
The CDF is not a festival, congress or forum of political or ideological confrontation. It is an instrument, merely a name that expresses a general idea. In ancient Mesoamerica, this particular type of fair (tiangüis) was created for the development and transmission of a comprehensive vision of the particular moment of history that was theirs to live. It left a mark on the generations to come, as an indelible seal of their identity and their culture.
The Cultural Diversity Fair is a place where we will realize that we are the changes we make, and that the art of living, in the end, is simply the exercising of the art of reencounter.

We will exhibit, spread, explain, promote, announce, and socialize what we do in relation to art, culture, health, education, sports, spiritual development, and the protection of our environment, our natural resources and our material and immaterial historical patrimony.
Within this framework, the III International Dance Contest of CIAD will take place, along with the First Meeting of Oral Narration (“Contigo Sí Cuento”). We guarantee permanent space for the elderly and the representatives of original cultures to express themselves. Each discipline will have a space set aside for children. We will count on the official participation of the 29 accredited consulates of our city and we will promote recognition of cultural diversity, dialogue among cultures, respect, mutual comprehension, peace among peoples and a good sense of humor.

Anybody who wishes to may participate–those who understand the importance of knowing, transmitting, sharing and exchanging the knowledge, the information, the techniques, the customs, the arts and skills that raise the quality of our material life, of our intellectual life, our affective life, our moral life, our physical life and our spiritual life as citizens.
All are invited to attend the First Cultural Diversity Fair. Admission is free. On November 19th and 20th it will be held in Parque Las Palapas and the four surrounding parks. On November 21st, it will be held in the Plaza de la Reforma, Cancún. Activities begin at 4pm.

If you have a proposal and you would like to reserve space to present your work in one of the five parks on November 19th and 20th, send it to one of the following email addresses.
Thank you for your support!