24/03/2010La Parrilla and Federico Lopez revolutionizing Mexican cuisine and open the door of temptation, passion for Mexican cuisine

Art, music and Mexican cuisine, this is how the description reads most traditional restaurant in Cancun, La Parrilla. 34 years ago that this group has come a successful restaurateur way in the world of cuisine achieve awards locally and nationally.

The experience gained by Grupo La Parrilla has given recognition to everyone from the culinary world for his great mastery and knowledge of ingredients, recipes and techniques for preparing Mexican dishes.
The revolutionary spirit of La Parrilla crosses paths with a young chef, a veteran in the field of Mexican cooking, Federico Lopez. His story is also successful because it has been held for five consecutive years within the list of top 12 chefs in the country.
Chef Federico Lopez holds the title Iron Chef 2007 competition closed achievement in the Hot & Spicy Festival, held at the Center for the Arts.

Harbourfron in Toronto, Canada. Currently Larousse Editorial dubs it one of the best chefs in Mexico. His style is characterized by his knowledge of classical Mexican cuisine with a contemporary twist.
The cuisine is dynamic and this allows its evolution through experience new techniques, new ingredients and also use the fusion of culinary styles.

In this 2010, Mexico celebrate the 200th anniversary of its independence and 100 years of its revolution. To celebrate, L Parrilla and Chef Federico Lopez unite their expertise to present temptations, passion for Mexican cuisine, a revolutionary proposal in which the gastronomic cuisine is a gateway to creativity.
The Temptation Restaurant has a casual style with great spaciousness and light to its capacity is 120 people distributed in the lounge areas, patio and smoking area.

Our menu offers traditional Mexican dishes with a modern touch, which are a real temptation, for example the house salad made with spinach, panela cheese, crispy onion, avocado, tortilla, ancho chili ash, grilled chicken and dressing balsamic, a succulent lobster cream Xtabentun ;as a delicious entree Chicken Sabanita Cuitlacoche sauce and three cheeses, or the wonderful beef tongue at chichilo sauce and an irresistible dessert of Chocolate Cake with icecream metate of Oaxaca XVIII.

The dining experience is fundamental and atmosphere and location make it perfect. Thus, this taste experience plus B2B Hotel, luxury and convenience for business and pleasure trips located in the business district of the city of Cancun.

Chef Federico Lopez,La Parrilla and Hotel B2B invite you to fall in the tempted to try the passion for Mexican cuisine