23/10/2009Cancun’s International Airport Becomes One Of Three Main Hubs For The Mexicana Group

• As of December 1st, operations to Washington, D.C. will begin
• During this same time period, other new international routes will open

Cancun, Q. Roo (October 19, 2009)- - As of December 1st, Mexicana Group will reinforce their presence within Cancun with the introduction of six new international routes allowing to capture additional travel from the United States east coast, Central American and the Caribbean, converting Cancun into one of the most important hubs in the country.
Responding to great demand, the Cancun Airport has invested $67 million dollars adding a Second-Runway infrastructure project that includes the construction of an additional runway, an entirely new control tower and taxiway bridge. The airport’s capacity will increase to such an extent that it will be able to serve some 28 million passengers per year.
Among the new routes to be in operation, flights from Cancun to Washington D.C. (Dulles Airport) stands out, operated by Mexicana, allowing the Group to consolidate their presence within the United States confirming their leadership within the passenger travel industry between Mexico and the U.S.
Referring to this new route, Mexicana’s Group General Director, Manual Borja, states, “This is the result of a joint effort between ASUR (Airport & Service Assistance), the Communications and Transportation Secretary, the Civil Aeronautic General Director and the immigration authorities allowing us to achieve an important increase in the number of passengers that are mobilized from Cancun’s International Airport. We have designed these routes to offer a better opportunity to our customers while continuing to reach our international projections”.
The other new routes that will commence as of December 1st from Cancun are to Bogota; San Jose, Costa Rica; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Honduras and Guatemala.
Mexican Group has international operations from Cancun to Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Chicago. With the increase in routes, Mexicana Group’s flights from Cancun now reach a total of 15 national and international routes, bestowing Cancun International Airport within a hub category.

About Cancun:

Cancun, the gateway to Mexico and the Mayan world, offers luxurious hotel infrastructure with more than 28,000 rooms, and is Mexico’s most beautiful and stylish destination. Opportunities for new experiences are everywhere, as the setting brings you into contact with both nature and Mayan culture like nowhere else.

Top-level gastronomy and nightlife; warm beaches with soft, white sand; crystal-clear, turquoise seas; and a location opposite the Great Mesoamerican Reef System, in tandem with Mexico’s world-famous hospitality, make Cancun an entirely unique tourist destination.
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