10/09/2009Cancun’s beaches look “amazing” from outer space

Mexican astronaut, Jose Hernandez, member of the Discovery Shuttle crew who is currently at the International Space Station, was interviewed by a TV station and while discussing Cancun’s beaches he stated that “even from here, they look amazing.”

Hernandez, who will be in space for two weeks, confirmed that from space “Mexico City is seen all lit up at night and Cancun’s beaches are easily distinguished.”

Hernandez joins the NASA Discovery crew, made up of four experienced and three novice astronauts, in transporting more than seven tons of food, supplies, spare parts and scientific experiments, including six genetically altered rats, to be used for bone marrow loss research.

During their two weeks at the International Space Station, three special spacewalks will be executed to install a new ammonia refrigeration tank and prepare the station for its new software port.

The Discovery Shuttle was launched from Port Canaveral on Saturday August 29th at 11:59 A.M EST and arrived at the space station on Sunday night.