22/07/2009Vote for Cancun

Help the travelocity roaming gnome head to the beautiful beaches of cancun with your vote in the “summer of possibilities tour”
Vote Today at www.votetravelocity.com

Cancun, Mexico; July 22, 2009–– The Travelocity Roaming Gnome “Summer of Possibilities Tour” continues featuring Cancun as a possibility for the Gnome’s next stop! Your vote will allow Travelocity Roaming Gnome to experience the magnificently exciting destination of Cancun placing it alongside other destinations visited within the past five weeks.

Once chosen, Cancun will grant the Roaming Gnome with an array of possibilities none of the other destinations can provide, such as swimming with Whale Sharks, zip lining, extraordinary cultural sites, gourmet cuisine, first class infrastructure, and much more all sum up with the unparallel customer service that Mexicans are known for. The Roaming Gnome provides fans and further travelers with the opportunity to join him during his exploration online and live the experience.

Launching his summer exploration on June 26th, The Roaming Gnome has utilized the social networks of Facebook and Twitter to assist in bringing awareness. Fans are able to vote each week between rival summer destinations to decide on where The Roaming Gnome will travel to next. Revealing the winning destination each Wednesday, voting lasts approximately six days and is unlimited.

Voting for Cancun begins today Wednesday, July 22 so vote now at www.votetravelocity.com.
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