30/04/2009Quintana Roo reinforces preventive measures to deal with emergency

Quintana Roo State Secretary of Tourism reports that based on the information provided by State Secretary of Health, there is no registration of a single case of H1N1 A influenza at the different destinations of Quintana Roo up to date, in spite that the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that influenza pandemic alert was raised from phase 4 to 5.

Sanitary measures have been extended to all hotels, restaurants and shops along the Mexican Caribbean corridor.

The state government agency informs that the Ministry of Communications and Transportation determined that as of 04-30-2009 Cancun International Airport will be provided with 50 infrared thermometers to measure all arriving and departing passengers body temperature, in addition to all other preventive measures adopted within the state. Airport authorities informed that the thermometers will take temperature without physical contact with the passengers, and that these actions will help detect one of the most evident symptoms of the people infected with the virus.

With regard to travel restrictions to Mexico, issued by G-7 member countries, it is predictable that an important drop of tourist arrivals and hotel occupancy will occur in all Quintana Roo destinations, as well as a significant reduction of air traffic.

SEDETUR also reported that the National Anthropology and History Institute announced that all archaeological sites and museums throughout the country will be closed from now until further notice.

Quintana Roo State authorities, following recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) have advised both residents and visitors to avoid concentrations larger than 80 people at closed buildings; thus, a significant number of businesses, such as restaurants, bars or night clubs will be out of service temporarily.

Theme parks in all the state remain open and operate normally in the usual schedules, since they all operate under open skies. Shopping malls also operate normally, as well as water sports and marinas.

The State government keeps a constant monitoring over the population and the visitor´s health, and is prepared to take action if necessary.

The Mexican Caribbean destinations have not registered any case of H1N1 A flu among visitors or tourism industry workers.