Mexico’s tourism increases during the first month of the year, with 2 million international tourists arriving in Mexico, a 14.3% increase compared to the same time last year. Tourism brought in $1.192 billion dollars in revenue, said Mexico’s Secretary of Tourism Rodolfo Elizondo Torres.

In a press conference, accompanied by the CEO of the Mexico Tourism Board (MTB), Oscar Fitch Gomez, Elizondo emphasized that tourism is Mexico is not immune to the effects of the global economic crisis, but the country is still responding well despite the crisis and variations of the Mexican Peso.

• Mexico welcomed 2 million international tourists in January, a 14.3% increase

• Border tourism received $58 million dollars in revenue, an increase of 18.7%*

• Hotels received 4.649 million arrivals, an increase of 5.4%*

* In comparison to January 2008.

Elizondo stressed that tourism in Mexico will continue to be a pillar to the nation’s economy and the lead generator of jobs. In January, 2.1 million tourism jobs were registered according to the Mexican Institute of Social Security.