25/02/2009Me Cancun and Skyy Vodka once again present Fashion Week: from February 24th through March 1st, 2009

Cancun, Q.Roo, February 9th 2009: For the fourth time, Me Cancún is presenting Fashion Week from February 24th through March 1st, 2009. This event will gather together renowned designers from different countries, including Pablo Ramirez from Argentina, Jorge Diep and Marisol Henríquez from the Dominican Republic, Daniel Espinosa from Mexico and Carmen Steffens, a prestigious shoe and bag brand from Brazil.
The Fashion Week will include prominent participation by South America’s top photographer, Gaby Rocca who will make his new book with the support of clothing by designer Pablo Ramírez, devoted exclusively to Skyy Vodka.

SKYY VODKA is one of the fastest-growing beverages in the world, distilled using an innovative quadruple-distillation process and the SKYY triple-filtering process which produces a high-quality and exceptionally smooth vodka.

The book for ‘Skyy Vodka’ will portray different situations through photographs with stories, recording glamorous instants such as night-time, luxury, fun and the best times inside the ME Cancún Resort and the glamour of Skyy Vodka. The resort’s architecture and art will serve as the backdrop for the pictures, as will the natural settings in Cancun, and the photographs will feature models from different countries around the Americas.

Fashion Week will begin with the anniversary of the restaurant Grill 14, and it will continue with a fashion show at ME Cancún, ‘ME Fashion Show 2009’, where the designers will present their most recent collections and Skyy Vodka will offer special cocktails to celebrate the luxury of the event. That same night, ME Cancún and Skyy Vodka will throw an After Party at the Rose Bar, owned by the renowned brothers Rande and Scott Gerber, who also have bars in different destinations that are iconic in the fashion world. Authorities, business leaders, hoteliers, the national press and special guests from different cities around Mexico and South America will attend the party.

Fashion Week will close with an exclusive party presented by Skyy Vodka at Dady’O. Among the activities, each designer’s muse, models from Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina will enjoy a tour to Hol-Box on a yacht provided by the franchise Náutica Boats, where Gaby Rocca will hold an exclusive photo shoot.

About the designers’ collections:
Daniel Espinosa: A famous Mexican jewellery designer, he will present his new line of jewellery called ‘Mandrágora’, which is based on gold and black and has a clearly Art Deco style. In the Middle Ages, the mandragora was a fantastical myth that today is brought to jewellery with a striking visual impact. Ancient documents describe the mandragora as a plant that sleeps the first day and turns mad the second. www.danielespinosa.com

Pablo Ramírez: Ramírez’ style is characterised by his exclusive use of black, precise cuts and utter elegance. This time he will unveil his ‘Crucero’ (cruise) collection, designed especially for the ME-Skyy Vodka Fashion Week, where he will show luxurious bathing suits with his unmistakeable hallmark, along with an extremely elegant prêt-a-porter line and glamorous cocktail dresses and gala gowns. www.pabloramirez.com.ar
Jorge Diep: One of the most important designers in the Dominican Republic, he will present his ‘Espectacular’ haute couture collection, which he recently unveiled during New York’s Couture Fashion Week 2009 at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. www.jorge-diep.com
Marisol Henríquez: She will present her collection entitled ‘Entrelezado Mágico’. She recently showed her wares at ‘Ecuador Fashion Week 2008’ with her ‘Raíces Caribeñas’ collection, where she was acclaimed and invited to many international events. Her designs were popular at the Miss Dominican Republic beauty pageant, the Child Dominican Queen contest and the Top Model Of The World 2003, held in Germany, in which her design won first prize.
Carmen Steffens: She will present her winter collection with its avant-garde style, using platforms, with shades of black and grey, animal prints and reptile and snake skins. http://www.carmensteffens.com.br/index.htm
About the Campari Group: The Campari Group is a major player in the global beverages industry. It is present in more than 190 countries all over the world, with a leading position in the Italian and Brazilian markets, and a heavy presence in the United States, Argentina, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Mexico. The group has a broad portfolio that includes three business segments: alcoholic drinks, wines and non-alcoholic drinks. In the alcoholic drinks segment, its internationally famous brands include Campari, SKYY Vodka and Cynar, along with leading local brands like Aperol, Cabo Wabo, CampariSoda, Glen Grant, Ouzo 12, Zedda Piras, X-Rated and the Brazilian brands Dreher, Old Eight and Drury’s. The group has more than 1,500 employees. Shares in the mother company, Davide Campari-Milani, quote on the Italian stock exchange. Recently Campari closed the deal on its purchase of the San Nicolás Distillery in Mexico, adding brands like Tequila Espolón and Tequila San Nicolás to its portfolio of brands. www.campari.com
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