12/12/2008Christmas in Cancun

What better way to spend the holiday season that a Christmas in Cancun! You will find the magic of Christmas everywhere with thousands of colorful lights illuminating the whole city. Start at City Hall in Downtown Cancun and work your way up towards the Hotel Zone if you want to get into the Christmas spirit and take in all the beautiful decorations.

Las Posadas
The locals prepare for Christmas in Cancun by celebrating the traditional Posadas with family and friends. Las Posadas are celebrated for nine consecutive days starting on the 16th December and are symbolic of Mary and Joseph looking for shelter on the night that Jesus was born. Las Posadas are usually celebrated at home with candlelit processions and traditional songs followed by the breaking of the ‘pinata’ filled with sugar cane, fruits and candy for the children, while the adults look on enjoying warm fruit punch.

Christmas Eve in Cancun
If you are wondering where to go to spend Christmas Eve then you will be spoilt for choice. All will depend of whether you would like to spend a quiet, romantic evening, or something much more lively with friends and family. Most of the restaurants offer a special Christmas Menu. You will find more information about the 100s of great restaurants in Cancun and all their contact details if you would like to book in advance - which is advisable for some of the more popular restaurants.

For those of you wanting to make the most of every moment as the year ends then don’t forget that Cancun has some of the best nightclubs in the world. Be sure to check out any special events they have on for Christmas by looking at our Nightclub Guide.

Christmas Shopping in Cancun
The vast array of shopping malls are perfect if you want to do your Christmas shopping in Cancun. You will find them all bustling with shoppers trying to buy all those last minute gifts and taking full advantage of the fantastic prices here on jewelry and cosmetics. There is no shortage of designer stores if you are looking for that extra special gift or outfit for the party season. Take a look at our Cancun Shopping guide for more details on where to find exactly what you are looking for.

So if you want Christmas in the sun but with all the traditional festivities, come and spend an unforgettable Christmas in Cancun!