13/11/2008Dolphin Discovery host of the 36th IMATA Conference

From November 9 to 14 on the current year, Cancun will be the venue for the XXXVI IMATA Annual Conference, which will be held at the Omni Hotel Cancun, being Dolphin Discovery the host of this great event, where is expected the assistance of 400 people from 40 different countries in the World.

IMATA associates 2500 professionals, scientists and students related to the marine mammal World. It has it’s venue in Chicago and each year they celebrate a National conference in the United States and every 4 years, one outside the country, being the former the most important in it’s line at it’s international level.

IMATA was established to encourage communication, professionalism and cooperation among people who works with marine mammals and the science, through formation, public display, research, conservation and education, recognizing it’s roll and it’s responsibilities for the continuation of the existence of marine mammals.

Dedicated to provide and promote the most professional, efficient, human care of marine animals in all their habitats, IMATA tries to establish a community of members who aspirate to achieve the association objectives and to commit to its ethical professional code.

The convention will cover seminars, conferences, business meetings, job fair, work presentations and awards ceremony.
On Thursday November 13, Dolphin Discovery will hold a main event at Isla Mujeres, where we will show the extraordinary programs that are held at the dolphinarium, which accomplish with the professionalism and ethic that IMATA demands to its associates.

Maricruz Alfaro de la Barrera
PR Manager
Tel. 881-7400 ext. 1091