10/07/2008Xel-Ha awarded the 2008 National Acknowledgement for Residue Recycling

Mexico City’s Environment and Natural Resources Secretary, Juan Rafael Elvira Quesada, awarded this year’s National Acknowledgement for Residue Recycling to Xel-Ha Natural Wonder, in Quintana Roo, for the remarkable operation of its Recollection, Transfer, and Integral Management of Solid Waste Centre, which was received on behalf of the company by its Executive Director, Elizabeth Lugo Monjarras.

Xel-Ha Natural Wonder was granted first place in the Special Residue Management Category with the Recollection Centre Project, where the gathering of separation of 234 tonnes of waste occurs annually, channelling over 70% of this material to recycling.

Elizabeth Lugo Monjarras, Executive Director of Xel-Ha, indicated “…this award is an acknowledgement to the work we have carried out for more than 10 years, and that we began out of our own awareness of sustainability, gradually winning over employees, visitors, and suppliers, increasing social consciousness.” from 1999 to 2007, over 1017 tons of organic material have been recovered, 104 tons of paper and cardboard, and over 16 tons of metal.

The main residue generated at Xel-Ha is organic, representing 45% of the waste total, which is processed to make compost, and used in the wooded areas of the Park itself. The rest of the residues such as paper, cardboard, glass, metal, used vegetable oil, are transferred to recycling companies. This program also includes additional measures to reduce the consumption of certain materials, and to reduce waste o favouring those with a higher recycling potential. This project is in stages of continuous progress, thanks to the implementation of the ISO 2007 system.

The National Contest for the Acknowledgement of Residue Recycling was convoked by the Patron Confederation of the Mexican Republic (COPARMEX) along with the SEMARNAT, with an aim to stimulate the development of environmental culture in Mexico.

During his intervention, Secretary Elvira Quesada remarked on the importance of companies that participated in the contest with 38 projects, all of which presented exceptional results, since their endeavours represent the recovery of water for 40 thousand families, saving 38 thousand litres of gas, recycling 54 million tons of residues, and avoiding the release of over 92 thousand tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, all this with a savings value of over $2 billion MXP a year.

There were three categories acknowledged at this contest organised by the SEMARNAT (Environment and Natural Resources Secretariat) and the COPARMEX (Patron Confederation of the Mexican Republic): Special Management Residues, Urban Solid Wastes, and Hazardous Residues.

Biologist Saitra Perez, head of Environmental Education at Xel-Ha, remarked that “the recollection centre has drawn the employees’ attention, as well as their participation in the project, which as greatly aided its potential.”

During the awards ceremony, a number of distinguished personas were present, among them the Ricardo Gonzalez Sada, president of COPARMEX, Sandra Denisse Herrera Flores, vice-secretary of Format and Normativity at SEMARNAT, Dr. Kai Berhke, representative of the UN’s Industrial Development in Mexico, Carlos Sandoval Olvera, president of the National Council for Ecological Industries, as well as many others.

David Iturbe Vargas
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