09/05/2008Second Sacred Mayan Crossing in Xcaret

Travesia sagrada maya ENGThe second Sacred Mayan Crossing will take place from May 30th to June 1st this year. Thirty 26-foot canoes, each with a crew of four to six, will participate in the event. The challenge for them is to paddle across the Channel of Cozumel from Polé –present-day Xcaret– to the island of Cuzamil (Cozumel).

The Sacred Mayan Crossing is a re-creation of the ancient ritual pilgrimage undertaken by the original inhabitants of Yucatán to Polé, from which canoes set out to Cuzamil. Once there, they will worship the goddess Ix Chel and consult her oracle, unique to the region.

This year, the celebration will begin at 11:00 p.m. on May 30th with a pilgrimage to Xcaret. All night long, guests will participate in rituals and supplications to the goddess Ix Chel, as they wait for the first rays of dawn, when they will send the canoes off to Cozumel.

For this special occasion, guests will not be mere spectators, but will rather take part in ceremonies and rituals in preparation for the crossing. Since the journey was traditionally undertaken to petition the goddess for very particular things, this part of the ritual will be built around the following themes:

• Abundant fruit, bountiful harvests, good fishing and exuberant surroundings

• A mild climate, favorable winds, enough rain, the right temperatures for growth

• Harmony of body, mind and spirit

• Peace and harmony among species, according to the natural order of the planet

As night falls in Cozumel, offerings will be made to the goddess Ix Chel, who will once more send a message to the inhabitants of Mayan lands.

The Sacred Mayan Crossing renews for us the wealth of history and the cultural legacy of the Mayan past from the 11th to the 16th centuries. It is a living example of the relationship of the Maya with the sacred in life. The courage and daring of ancient navigators, whose trade networks were one of the crowning glories of Mayan culture in Yucatán, comes alive once more.

For the Maya, this journey was a mystical undertaking in which they were profoundly affected by their intimate contact with the forces of nature.

With these ideas in mind, we have arranged this year’s event to revive ancient Mayan traditions: their rituals, dances, music, dress and the relationship with their gods.

Those who wish to witness the 2008 version of the Sacred Mayan Crossing will learn about and participate in different re-creations of ancient Mayan cultural practices: trade, numerology, navigation and the re-telling of myths and legends documented in the sacred book, the Popol Vuh. This will be an enriching and mystical experience for all who attend.


Iliana Rodríguez
Public Relations Manager

visit: www.travesiasagradamaya.com.mx