07/04/2008Mexico ready for the 33rd Edition of Tianguis Turistico

• 21 thousand business meetings arranged through first half of March
• Participation of the Mayan World (Mundo Maya) member countries - Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador – lends international flavor

Mexico City, April , 2008.- With 21,000 business meetings arranged through the first half of March, 13% more than in 2007, the Mexico Tourism Board (MTB) is optimistic that the goals set for the 33rd edition of the Tianguis Turistico – to be held from April 13-16 at the Acapulco International Center – will be achieved.

More than 500 exhibiting companies will occupy 430 booths and at least a thousand buyers from 28 countries will be participating, 57% of them international and 43% of Mexican origin, ensuring that our country’s biggest tourism fair once again will be an ideal venue for selling and promoting Mexico as a tourist destination of the highest order.

The aforementioned figures are expected to rise even further because – as the 32 previous editions have shown – a significant number of companies typically confirm their participation during the two weeks prior to the start of the event.

As an opportunity to present new developments in Acapulco, this year’s opening ceremony – presided over by the Governor of Guerrero state, Zeferino Torreblanca Galindo, the Secretary of Tourism Rodolfo Elizondo Torres, as well as by the MTB’s CEO Oscar Fitch Gomez – will be held at the Mundo Imperial Forum on April 13 at 6 p.m. in the port city’s Diamond Zone.

Later that evening, the “Tastes and Aromas of Mexico” welcome cocktail party will take place at that complex’s Tianguis Corridor and showcase various Mexican beverages with a presence on world markets – including different brands of mezcal, tequila, wine and beer. Hors d’oeuvres from 11 different regions of the country also will be served to highlight the famed cuisine of which Mexicans are justifiably proud. Each branch’s association will be participating in this effort, as will the National Chamber for the Restaurant and Condimented Foods Industry (CANIRAC).

“We want to show international buyers the quality and diversity of Mexican beverages, which are positioned throughout the world and which we feel proud of,” said Artemio Santos, deputy director general of operations for MTB and coordinator of this edition of Tianguis Turistico.

Consolidating its position as Latin America’s most important tourism trade marketplace, the Tianguis will take on an international flavor this year by welcoming the Mayan World nations – Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador – as guests at a special pavilion. The presence of these countries serves to follow-up on promotional activities carried out at different international fairs.

Like in past years, emerging market countries – ones that could be of great interest to Mexico in the medium to long term – will be participating in the Tianguis Turistico. This year’s edition will feature two such participants: China, a market where we’ve already make inroads and continue to position ourselves; and Russia, a country whose indicators are interesting for our market.

Master lectures and discussion forums on topics crucial to tourism strategies in Mexico and the region will take place during the event. Among the highlights will be a lecture titled “System for Measuring the Excellence of Tourism Destinations” by Andre Vallerand, president of the WTO’s World Center of Excellence for Destinations; and the North American Market Trends forum led by Secretary Elizondo, moderated by journalist Javier Solorzano and featuring the participation of tourism industry representatives in the areas of statistics, meetings, marketing, tour operators, etc.

News coverage of this year’s edition of Mexico’s most important tourism fair – considered the seventh biggest worldwide – is expected to be massive, with at least 102 foreign journalists registered to take part, as well as 428 Mexican reporters at the national level and just over 130 at the local level.

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