Isla Blanca: A place where we enjoy paradise in Cancún!

There is a unique place in the Mexican Caribbean, one where the sunrises and sunsets are enjoyed in the same day by walking only a few steps. Here, the sea meets the lagoon to create one of the most extraordinary landscapes you have seen and that is enough reason to say that your trip to Cancun has been worthwhile.

This place is what the locals call Isla Blanca, a beautiful strip of sand between the Caribbean Sea and the Chacmuchuch Lagoon. It’s located about 45 minutes away from Cancún downtown. For many years, Isla Blanca was a secret for the tourists but recently many of them dare to visit this place, where they can enjoy blue waters and whites sands.

Isla Blanca is surrounded by an exuberant ecosystem where the mangroves and the palm trees are part of the vegetation. It’s home of many species of birds such as pelicans, roseate spoonbill, white herons and seagulls.

Isla Blanca is not only a place to relax, the most adventurers dare to experience several water sports such as windsurf and kitesurf. Many events are held in this paradise during the year, where many professional sportsmen gather to show their skills in these sports.

Another thing you can do in Isla Blanca is camping. Many campers enjoy to spend the night under the stars in this beautiful place. By night, Isla Blanca turns into a wild scene where the sound of nature surrounds you. The sky is so clear that you can watch the stars and occasionally shooting stars.

Now, you are wondering: “how do I get there?”  Well, like we said before Isla Blanca was a secret for many tourists because there is not a practical way to get there if you don’t own a car but if you have one, you only need to follow these simple directions:

  1. If you staying in the hotel zone of Cancun, you have to go to the downtown.
  2. Locate and drive along the Bonampak avenue until you get to the Universidad del Caribe and see the signs to Punta Sam.
  3. Follow the road until you pass Punta Sam and the area of Playa Mujeres hotels.
  4. After that, you will notice how the avenues change into rustic streets. You are near to Isla Blanca.
  5. Drive 20 minutes more until you get to the entrance of Isla Blanca.

We hope all this information gives you enough reasons to visit this mesmerizing place in the Mexican Caribbean. See you in Cancún!

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