Cancun is a privileged place. As we all know, in this magical place we can find the most beautiful beaches, world-class nightlife and endless cultural offers that attract people from all over the globe to spend their vacations.

However, an incredible aspect of Cancun has been reserved for locals. Given the complex ecosystem that hosted here, several sports have found a spectacular niche when practiced here.


Yes sir! Surfing can be practiced in the Mexican Caribbean. The beach of Isla Blanca in Cancun, and Punta Sur in Isla Mujeres, are some of the beaches that offer medium waves for sport lovers and starters that follow with devotion the monitor surfer tides:


Yoga Paddleboard

A Yoga enthusiast’s group come out every morning to practice in the best location; the sea. And it is that Yoga positions, where maintaining balance, strength and breathing combination, are the perfect activity to do in the ocean; connected with nature and giving a true greeting to the sun, as it is practiced just at dawn.



Parasailing is the cornerstone of any major tourist destination located in the coast; however, few of them can be executed in conditions that are almost exclusive to the Caribbean. Not only you can enjoy incredible views of turquoise sea, but thanks to the privileged climate of this region, it is possible to practice it wearing a swimsuit.



Kitesurfing is a relatively young sport that combines wakesurf with a kite. The magic of this winning recipe lies in the very high jumps we can make. Up to 20 meters high and 30 meters long are the spectacular acrobatics that we can perform on the sea.


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